ZEN WING CHUN is looking for a handful of students for a Wing Chun School in KEY WEST! If you are interested in learning Wing Chun Kung Fu. Please keep reading.

Wing Chun School in Key West

We are looking for a handful of serious students interested in learning Wing Chun Kung Fu by the Wing Chun Twins (Sifu Kyle Ritter and Sifu Ted Ritter). We will be launching a 3 day workshop/seminar for all Key West residents.

This 3 Day Intro to Wing Chun Program will be limited to ONLY a Handful of students to ensure the quality of instruction is at a high merit.

Learn Ving Tsun Kung Fu by the Wing Chun Twins.
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This is a great opportunity to begin your WING CHUN KUNG FU JOURNEY now!

We are launching our introductory 3 Day Wing Chun  Program. 

We will be going over the following...

Siu Nim Tao - The first form of the Wing Chun system that will teach you about proper body mechanics, relaxation and meditiation so you can calm your mind and improve your quality of life.

Pak Sao - The first training exercise you learn when beginning your wing chun journey which will lay out the foundation and build on top of great wing chun kung fu.

Pak Da - The progression of pak sao where the student will begin to use both hands together and have a deeper understanding of economy of movement along with many details involved in the training exercise.

Lap Sao - This exercise helps develop the students ability to be more functional with their hands and to understand about pulling energy.

Cultivation of internal energy through the Siu Nim Tao.

Learn the Sun Fist a.k.a. the Vertical Punch.

Understanding the nature of the Ving Tsun Kung Fu system and its elements.

Develop great posture and become more relaxed in your daily life.

About the instructors


The Wing Chun Twins (Sifu Kyle Ritter and Sifu Ted Ritter) are specialists in the art of Wing Chun aka Ving Tsun Kung Fu. They have over a combined 20+ yrs of Wing Chun experience. They are passionate to transmit the art to the right students that show good character and integrity.


3 Day Intro to Wing Chun Workshop in Key West

3 Day Intro to Wing Chun Workshop in Key West


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FAQ's(Frequently Asked Questions)

What happens after the 4-Week Intro Program?: You will have the opportunity to continue your Wing Chun training twice per week. The Twins will go over all of the options after the 3 day workshop training. 

Do I need to have experience?: No experience required. Beginners and experience martial artists are welcome!

Will I get hurt in the training?: Not at all. The training is a much different approach to learning self defense than other arts as there is a saying " Wing Chun is the art of fighting without fighting". We play kung fu, not fight kung fu.


For any additional questions...

please call 954-399-0548 or email wingchuntwins@gmail.com