"Wing Chun Kung Fu has been my inner GPS and the vehicle to get me where I want or need to go."
- Ted Ritter


Sifu Ted Ritter

Around the year 2010, I remember one day when my twin brother stopped by my apartment and showed me this new form he had learned called "Siu Lim Tao". It looked intriguing at a first glance. The form looked unique compared to any other form or "kata" I was familiar with in the past. Later I learned that “Siu Lim Tao” can be interpreted as "Little Idea".
My twin and I always had a taste for martial arts and used to play and wrestle around (we still do that!) One day when we were “testing our fighting skills”, he threw a direct punch that caught my attention. I noticed the practicality of that movement, I noticed the "centerline" (even though I didn’t really know what centerline was back then.)
Soon after that, I walked in the kwoon (school) in Lake Worth which was the first step I took towards my Wing Chun Kung Fu journey.
I have been training diligently since I met my Sifu Moy Yee Hop (Julian Cordero) in 2011. I have instructed classes at the Lake Worth Wing Chun school for several years under his knowledgeable guidance and as a dedicated disciple.
Wing Chun Fung Fu has transformed my life inside out, mentally, physically, and spiritually.
By practicing the Wing Chun system, I could develop the ability to be more relaxed and use two hands together; I enhanced my sensitivity and balance. My own experience showed me that these qualities enabled me to absorb information all around and to develop a stronge intuition (inner teacher).
Wing Chun Kung Fu concepts and principles have structured my life and have given me the tools to accomplish my purposes or find answers within myself by being able to question deeper... I feel it’s like knocking on a door and being there until someone eventually opens it...
I don’t know what my life would be like without Wing Chun Kung Fu. I have the feeling that I would be probably working at a dead-end job; I wouldn’t be as efficient with my time, my business, and my energy; I would be feeling lost at sea without any navigation.
Wing Chun Kung Fu has been my inner GPS and the vehicle to get me where I want or need to go, in this ocean we call life.
I have made the commitment to live the "Kung Fu Life" by continued learning and spreading the wonderful art of Wing Chun Kung Fu for future generations to come.

In 2010, when at work, one of my coworkers asked me if I knew what he performed was a “bong sao”. I was amused by the (strange, odd, beautiful?) shape he was performing with his arms; it was so different from everything I had ever seen in other martial arts systems! He told me it was a technique in a martial...

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