Kyle Ritter and Ted Ritter are twin brothers who share not only the same DNA but also the same love and passion for Wing Chun Kung Fu.
The Wing Chun Twins were born in the great little town of Boynton Beach, in South Florida, USA. They grew up surrounded by the perfectly manicured Florida’s landscape, with beautiful beaches, palm trees, green scenery, and an easy-going atmosphere.
Fascinated with martial arts from a very young age, they grew up watching Bruce Lee movies and other action movies with fight scenes.
At 9 years old, they started practicing Karate and they kept their training for 3 years. However, they ended up quitting Karate because the school seemed to be more of a belt factory. Despite their young age, they could notice that students were being progressed quickly not because they earned it, but because of their need for rank advancement. Unfortunately, that was how the Sensei kept his students in school. Such experience left them with a bad taste about martial arts for a while…
However, in 2010 when they discovered Wing Chun Kung Fu, that bad taste disappeared completely, and their martial arts life began…
Because their parents are not originally from Florida (their mother is from London, England, and their father is from Michigan), the geographic distance made it more difficult for them to grow up having a close relationship with the extended family. Thus, the Kung Fu family has a special meaning; they learned that it's within the family that moral values, traditions, and customs perpetuated through generations are transmitted.

Photo of Sifu Kyle Ritter

In 2010, when at work, one of my coworkers asked me if I knew what he performed was a “bong sao”. I was amused by the (strange, odd, beautiful?) shape he was performing with his arms; it was so different from everything I had ever seen in other martial arts systems! He told me it was a technique in a martial...

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Photo of Sifu Ted Ritter

Around the year 2010, I remember one day when my twin brother stopped by my apartment and showed me this new form he had learned called "Siu Lim Tao". It looked intriguing at a first glance. The form looked unique compared to any other form or "kata" I was familiar with in the past. Later I learned that...

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