3 Month Wing Chun Package Plan

3 Month Wing Chun Package Plan is perfect for beginners looking to learn Wing Chun and develop a great foundation.

School Information

Cooper City Location
: 8PM - 9PM
Schedule:Tuesday and Thursday
10400 Griffin Rd #205, Cooper City, FL 33328
(The Yoga Institute of Broward)

Boca Raton Location
Time: 8PM - 9PM
Schedule: Monday and Wednsday
14 SE 4th St Suite 14, Boca Raton, FL 33432

Fun facts about Wing Chun:

Created by a Bhuddist Nun and named after a woman (Nim Wing Chun) for her extrodinary fighting ability.

Made popular from the Ip Man movies

Bruce Lee trained in Wing Chun 

Uses Physics and Geometry to become efficient in movement (economy of motion and body mechanics)

Emphasizes on relaxed energy to overcome bigger stronger force.

No experience required. (We actually prefer an empty cup, its easy to fill with kung fu)

Cultivation of internal energy through the Siu Nim Tao.

Learn the Sun Fist a.k.a. the Vertical Punch.

Develop great posture and become more relaxed in your daily life.

About the instructors


The Wing Chun Twins (Sifu Kyle Ritter and Sifu Ted Ritter) are specialists in the art of Wing Chun aka Ving Tsun Kung Fu. They have over a combined 20+ yrs of Wing Chun experience. They are passionate to transmit the art to the right students that show good character and integrity.

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3 Month Wing Chun Package

3 Month Wing Chun Package


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90 Day Package Plan Includes:

Three Months Of Training($150/Month) 

One-Time Enrollment Registration($100)


Free One Month Of Wing Chun Training($150 VALUE)

Free Private One-on-One With The Wing Chun Twins($200 VALUE)


FAQ's(Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I need to have experience?: No experience required. Beginners and experience martial artists are welcome!

Will I get hurt in the training?: Not at all. The training is a much different approach to learning self defense than other arts as there is a saying " Wing Chun is the art of fighting without fighting". We play kung fu, not fight kung fu.

How long will it take to get good at Wing Chun?: This question depends on a few factors. How often is the student training, the ability to comprehend the kung fu, if  the student is also incorprating private training as well as group classes.

Can I just do private training?: Yes, we highly encourage students to take advantage of private training whenever possible.

What Happens after the 90 Day Wing Chun Package?: After the 90 Day Package, Payment will be month to month @ $150.

For any additional questions...

please call 954-399-0548 or email info@zenwingchun.org