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Zen Wing Chun is dedicated to preserving and spreading the art of Wing Chun in its purest and original form.


Wing Chun is a martial arts system developed in southern China approximately 300 years ago.  Simple, efficient and effective, it's considered one of the most prestigious martial arts in many countries. The total absence of complicated and flowery movements makes it different from other styles.

Zen Wing Chun is dedicated to preserving and spreading the art of Wing Chun in its purest and original form.

The only way to preserve a system is by keeping it unchanged by someone's ideas or thoughts.  Wing Chun is a complete and well-balanced system where each movement, sequence, and exercise were designed to have a harmonious relationship with one another. Any changes - whether they are suppressing, adding or modifying - are dangerous, as they may cause an imbalance that will deeply affect the Wing Chun system's nature. Over time, the smallest changes can cause a martial arts system to be lost forever.

To faithfully spread an art, the way it's transmitted is of great importance. Wing Chun is a versatile art that adjusts its nature to the practitioner. Just like in life, not everything that works for one person works for another. Wing Chun must conform itself to the student as opposed to shaping the student. Therefore, masters must be concerned with transmitting their knowledge in the most neutral way possible, without forcing their own interpretations and conclusions about the system onto the student. By giving the student space to practice at their own pace and to understand their training, masters create an environment where the practitioner can draw their own conclusions. That's the only possible way for the individual to develop their own unique version of Wing Chun, which will belong to no one else but themselves.

That's how we spread this art…

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